Top 8 Before They Were Classic Stars

All of our larger-than-life symbols have roots to their youth, knowing celebrities trend high, it only makes sense to write something for the fans of the stars. Do you know what most of them looked like young? For the first installment, I would like to concentrate on our most favorite stars that grew up with us. Giving the new, growing Hollywood, a possibility of the list of their own in the future. So the setting is set, pull back your chair, & enjoy the read.


#8 When Bruce Was Loose

So there was a time when this young actor-genius wasn’t hunted by men with cameras, but his choices are only his to ponder, and reflect on. When I saw Moonlighting, it was obvious that this guy is meant for the Hollywood stardom. I wish HSX was around to prove it. I also knew Cybill Shepherd was the hottest cougar I’ve ever seen in my life. Sorry, I digress, tmi? Do the bees bee? We’ll go on, look at the photo.




# 7 Don’t Kid Man

Nicole is one of the best symbols of our time. Swept Cruise away in thunder, while making a movie after movie. Her fashion is always hot, & screw that one paparazzi on a bike who ran her over. He is plain ridiculous.



# 6 The Sum Of All-Time Action

The three young friends, Brucey, Arnie, & the Sly. The three stars are known to be long time friends and business partners in Hollywood. However, allegedly to some Hollywood rumors, Sylvester Stallone (on the right), recently tweeted Bruce Willis that Willis is allegedly lazy & greedy, & allegedly, fired him from the third Expandables installment. Hollywood hi-jinx? I don’t know, but it sounds like a brilliant marketing ploy for the third Expandables. Good old man got on the twitter to air laundry, not really Sylvester’s style. Anything is possible. Then, look at the following photo for some visual wisdom.



# 5 Stale Prince

This isn’t Will Smith, so it has to be non other than the cult figure, Vin Diesel.



#4 Wooden Man

I imagined him dorkier, but hey, it’s good to see that America’s most famous white hippie was a jock. 360s pay off, let’s examine the evidence:



#3 CC

Courtney Cox went from an extremely attractive in 70s, 80s way, to being extremely attractive on a drastically different level. It’s like her beauty has more than one life, is the best I can explain the previous sentence. So without any further delay, glaze away, glaze away, glaze away.



#2 Sinatra Type Of A Man

It’s sad to feature him under these circumstances, James Gandolfini will be missed by many Americans.



#1 Get Moore

The healthiest looking person in the world, according to me. Because I said so. Because that’s my perception of this image, not because it’s a fact.



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