Why America Is Worried About Crimea So Much

Lately, I have been in a wild writer’s block & hence want to take this opportunity to express my thoughts in an article form. List fans don’t worry, this article is mixed with a list, enjoy your media under the main story. Stay tuned for the brand new lists coming back very soon.
Today I’d like to talk about the Ukrainian Crimea, or at least, after it was voted back into the Russian sovereignty days ago, Ukrainian Crimea is how our President, his staff, & the majority of American politicians still want to view it. After personal sanctions, muscle flexing that couldn’t deter Russia even slightly as they got a standing ovation in the Russian Parliament, while in the emergency meeting in Poland, Mr. President had to concede slightly & possibly raised a proposed offer of Crimean own sovereignty in the world, separated from Russia, & from the Ukraine. But why do they all care so much about the little Crimea that voted democratically to go back to it’s ancestral roots? There are thousands of little countries that have hundreds of thousands town separations, apartheids, civil wars every year & US doesn’t get in the middle of most of them so drastically. As far as other events that could be revisited instead of the Crimean fiasco, is a fact that chemical agents were used in middle east, & now all the hype is on the small Crimea of Ukraine, Russia, it’s own parliament, who cares? Many do & the answer why is one word…
Let’s be honest. If hundreds of years ago America had a tiny part that had a jurisdictional assignment to another country, diplomatically & legally. But people don’t always get what they want from the government, so people never chose to change to this day. They still sport their USA. Then their new country has a huge problem with the US ties, & that old, tiny, ex-US land doesn’t like all the trash talking about their roots, they feel like that the anger against the US is being centered on them, as they represent the evil the entire country is against. This is called apathy. How would we feel?
Back to the real world. We have to keep in mind that Russia is now a democratic nation, not a communist over-taker. They sit top in the UN. The reality behind why US cares about Crimea is a lot more simple than you think, & once again, it’s just one word. In our real history, there was actually a small part of then the the Soviet Union, now Russia, that now belongs to US. That place is called the lovely State of Alaska. If Crimea can somehow wiggle back to Russia, then what kind of a historic example does it set? Could Alaska one day decide it’s in their interest to go back to Russia, join Canada, anything that would take a star off our flag. That’s why it’s important. That’s why so many smart diplomats care, including our President.
As the Russians say “Zachem vayevat?”, meaning why war? Political muscle flexing is about the basic principles, some more obvious than many think. So now you know… About lists, they are coming back and big! In fact, next list will reveal the new sweepstakes, through which you will have a chance to win a fully-packed computer, the size of a flash-drive. This little machine will include wi-fi inside, & everything to play the latest movies, apps, netflix, hulu+, browse the web, download files, and listen to music. This computer the size of a flash card will be given to one of our readers, stay tuned for directions & pictures of it inside the next list. I hope you enjoyed my take on why Crimea is such a behemoth topic. Enjoy some related media, so it at least this can resemble a list ;).


#5 today’s Mass Propaganda

This shows how strong the feelings against Russia are in the Ukraine.



#4 Historic


The history of this place is undeniable. It was inspired by Russia.



#3 View Theory

Maybe the real reason why Crimea is so big isn’t because of Alaska after all. Maybe it’s all about the view. Not really.



#2 Feeling Jumpy

This kind of sight would make anyone uncomfortable. Unmarked soldiers tend to bring that kind of feeling.



#1 Last Castle

One thing Crimea has an abundance of, are the cool castles.


Smaller, but perhaps more luxurious.



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