5 Photos Of The World’s Scariest Abandoned Castle

This list is based on the September 12th, 2009 article (The Castle Of Miranda And Some Thunder) on Tina Tarnoff’s Typepad blog. The setting is an abandoned Belgian Castle called Castle of Miranda, or the Castle of Noisy. The structure has been without an owner, or tenants for exactly twenty years to date. Through the latest stage of it’s life, the castle served as a home for the families of Belgian rail-workers. David Herremen, the author of all these images cautions the public that this castle has become a very dangerous place to explore and asks not to ask him for the directions.

#5 It’s Noisy Outside

This outer view of the building isn’t very refreshing.

Miranda Castle


#4 No Class Room

As awful as this old class-room looks now, it was a very memorable place for the students.

No Class Room


#3 Rear Window View

The ever-present daunting feeling from the window.

Rare Window View


#2 Bon Appetite

Even the sun light from the windows can’t glorify the grim, burned looks of this kitchen.

Miranda Kitchen


#1 No Hallway Out

When looking at this image, there is a general expectation of the blood to start pouring down this long, narrow hallway.

The Dark Hallway


18 Responses to “5 Photos Of The World’s Scariest Abandoned Castle”

  1. lydia says:

    I am currently writing a book about vampires. I know this might sound strange but I pictured that house. It wasnt a house like it it was THAT HOUSE! It was in good condition of course. Dont you find it a little odd that I pictured that exact house? Let me tell you that when I noticed the home on Google Images I couldnt belive it. The fact that is is abandoned makes it even better. That way I can write about it and no one will care. If you could give me the adress or a contact to some one who might know the adress that would be great. If you know any information about the home. Or any one that might know anthing give thier contacts. Is it on the market?

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      I based my list on another article, you can find the link to the original in my introduction write-up, before the photos. I believe it was called something like Thunder and Castle of Miranda, it was a while ago, check the list for the exact title. I believe this castle is called the Miranda Castle. There is probably a lot of information available about this castle on wiki,, and google. I don’t know the exact address, it’s in another country, and is probably a very dangerous place. You can find so much information about this castle online, for your book, so going there is not needed. I can look for some links about the house to give you. I wish you the best with your book Lydia, I’m sure it will be great. I’m very flattered that you found inspiration for your book from my article, I think that’s very cool.

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      Lydia, I promised to find you some more links for this Castle. I found that it’s located in the country called Belgium. This link has a lot of good, accurate information, plus more photos of this house:
      As far as you dreaming of this exact place, I believe you. I think it’s not that strange because this house is almost as creepy as they get, so your mind associated the scariest dream of a place with these photos when you saw them. These are scary photos, I usually write for adults you see… It’s in a very dangerous country, and is a bad place, so I would advise NOT to ever go there. Let me know if you have more questions.

      • Linda says:

        Belgium is not a dangerous place..It’s right beside Holland and Germany, Hitlers dead so you would be safe there. I was in Belgium and I found it beautiful, very European and they have the best french fries bar none.

      • A fellow writer says:

        You’re a writer? May I suggest that you first learn to spell.

        • reproductive orphan. says:

          Thanks for your suggestion. I got too used to all the editors, proof-readers/writers, for my published book (@ any bookstore near you).

  2. Julianne Thomas says:

    I saw the photos of this castle and was wandering why the owners don’t fix it up- I know it probably costs a lot of money but why would they leave it such conditions as it is? Why won’t they sell it to someone who is willing to fix it up? You said it was a dangerous place to explore- how? Also, are there people that guard the castle? Why would people want to guard a castle that looks like this? I would live to explore this castle but would like to see someone fix it up.

    • reproductive orphan. says:


      I think maybe it doesn’t have owners. Sometimes it happens that people don’t have anyone to leave the inheritance for. I don’t know this to be such a case, but it’s my speculation. Also, it’s possible that perhaps the place was in irreparable condition, for example, if it would cost more to fix up this castle, than to buy a new one, then the last owners might’ve chosen to abandon it. These are my guesses however. If the castle is abandoned, then there probably aren’t guards protecting it. It’s dangerous in a sense that it’s remotely located in a dangerous environment, in a poor country, and it’s possible that bandits might use it for shelter sometimes. Also, because it’s such an old, abandoned foundation, it isn’t safe to walk on that floor, or be around it. Heavy pieces of ceiling, walls, floors, can and do fall apart all the time without warning. Large chunks of cement can cause bad injuries by falling on a person. If the floor falls through, and someone gets injured, there might not be any help available because it’s a remote castle. It all depends if some historic society there protects the place, I don’t know the answer to this. I recommend, there are many smart folks there who might know more.

      • Linda says:

        Usually when there are no heirs real estate reverts back to the ownership of the country,in this case the Government of Belgium probably owns it.

  3. Linda says:

    This castle/house looks like Hitchcock’s movie “Psycho” from the outside. Remember how it showed the house way up on the hill top? It is creepy though regardless, anything could be going on there and I bet it is…..

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      I don’t think the country of Belgium is using any resources on the castle if it was abandoned to the state. They should make it into a motel, jk… I want to believe in ghosts, but I never saw any. If they exist, I imagine this would be a great place to go “boo” in the night. Maybe Hitler’s ghost is residing there 😉 The Bates motel from Psycho I think is a bit smaller than this, but this is scarier.

    • William Taylor says:

      You just think you are the cats pyjamas.

  4. Cherry Girl says:

    I saw many pictures of this castle and as a photographer became very interested to visit it. I live in Brussels, Belgium, so it’s easier for me. It is located in the city of Celles in the province of Namur. I didn’t find out anything extra about its exact location though and it was impossible to get there. There is a fence and “private property” sign but I was told by a friend who was there that you have to walk through the forest a long time before getting there.

    Also, when asked, local people clearly didn’t want to give any information about it. There is another, fully renovated, castle right next to it, but Miranda cannot be seen from anywhere, it is well hidden. Proximity of private properties doesn’t make it easier. My quest was not successful but still the town was very nice 🙂

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      Hey, so you visited the town, but weren’t able to find the castle. That in itself is spooky. I’m sure there is a good reason why locals steered you away. Bad people could be using an empty place like that for a number of shady reasons. And the walk through the forest to get to it, that seems uniquely remote, maybe for a reason too. I’m sure people would’ve built a road if they thought it’s a historical landmark worth safe visiting. The “private property” sign is weird as it conflicts with the report of the castle being abandoned. Anyone can put up a sign for a number of reasons, I’m sure there is a good reason. Thanks for sharing your experience, I would’ve loved to post some more pics of this building. It seems to amaze many people. But any journey at some point can get to be not worth it.

  5. Gidget Gillihan says:

    Holy cwap! Looking at da pictures make da fur on da back ob my neck stand at attenshun!!!

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      That means I’ve done my job. Will probably do an about phase & make a sequel to the scariest castles soon. Thanks for reading.

  6. Johanette says:

    Hi, I’m living in Belgium myself and was searching for interesting castles and found your blog. I have found this, the castle is now named “Chateau Noisy”. I also looked on Google maps and found the castle. Here is some links:

    • reproductive orphan. says:


      Thanks for your good research. Your update links are now visible to everyone who views this article. Critical thinking is important when reading Internet posts, it’s always wise to do a bit of own research, just like you did. Thanks for reading & commenting.

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