5 Scariest End Of The World Visions 2.0

This list contains violence, it’s presented for ages 15+ only. Another prediction for the end of time has come and gone. Even as bright of a civilization as the Mayans can be wrong. This is the 2nd list on the topic, the first one was posted at the time of the last end of world hype coming to an end. These horrifying images are presented as a warning to all the humans, a reminder that nothing lasts forever. People and memories must be cherished as they are all unique. The following five are the most horrifying visions at this time, please skip this list if you don’t want to look at destruction.

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#5 The Big Bang Scenario

This is a very explosive scenario. I hope this image can remind people how dangerous some weapons are, and how fast things can go bad. Click image to view in Full-HD.

The Big Bang Scenario


#4 The Ring Of Fire For Cash

Also a very hard to look at scenario of a cosmic fire at planet earth. If entities can build bombs with cash, then why don’t they create the space firefighting systems in case things turn crumby. It’s bad to have the capability for destruction without the capability to reconstruct the only environment humans are privileged to enjoy. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Planetary Fire


#3 The Mid Air Incident

This type of an event has always been a possibility since it happened once to Earth already. However, the probability of this type of a thing happening to us, our kids, or their kids is very low. I know that thanks to the space diagnostics & predictions of astrologists, and astronomers. Click image to view in Full-HD.

The Mid Air Incident


#2 Unpredictable

This image made the runner up for the list because it’s the scenario that can’t possibly be expected. Life sometimes unfortunately tends to deliver the unexpected.



#1 HD End

It’s hard to judge on what criteria to rate the images of world destruction. For this time, the number one spot goes to the most believable and horrifying scenario on the net. Click image to view in Full-HD.

HD End


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