6 Scariest End Of The World Visions

05.20.2011 passed with a strong media buzz about the end of the world. Yet, most people seem to be very unaffected -running around their everyday business, going to jobs, worrying about the day after tomorrow. Maybe we as people have been fooled about this subject way too many times, and now are somewhat numb to the idea. Maybe the source of these news isn’t as reliable as the Mayan prediction, as even the source of these predictions changed the end date to 2013 on their website. Maybe we all feel, deep down, that if the end of the world was to happen, it would happen without us suspecting it. Completely unannounced. Yet, the grasp of the extinction level event isn’t beyond the reaches of human imagination. Hence the following collection of some very unique visions is presented.

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#6 Center Stage

An eerie, first class view of the unimaginable is portrayed in the following imagined vision.

Center Stage


#5 Joking Till The End

End of the world scenario loses it’s scare gravity when it’s joked about.

Final Joke



#4 Traffic Accident

One little rock landing and the man is as toast as the dinosaur.

Traffic Accident



#3 Space Fire

Unfortunately there are no space firefighters. Not yet. See this image in true HD by clicking on it.

Space Fire



#2 Golden Gate To Nowhere

To see this picture the way the artist intended it to be seen in high definition, access by clicking on the picture.

Golden Gate To Nowhere



#1 Frightening Hope

This is truly the best post-cacotopia image available. In the midst of all that destruction, the presence of a man symbolizes the hope for his find of a woman. This is a high definition image that’s viewed best in HD mode by clicking on it.

True Fright


4 Responses to “6 Scariest End Of The World Visions”

  1. So I doubt any of that will happen in our lifetime.

  2. God is the only one that can end this world

  3. thea holysinger says:

    god wont end it he loves us all

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