6 Incredible Thawing Snowflakes

The spring is here, it’s time for some serious thawing. These aren’t your average pictures of snowflakes. All of these belong to a whole new class, in which each flake is captured in the moments of it’s actual thawing – with special, high magnification capable HD camera. These are like nothing ever seen prior. According to the source, an article called “Ethereal Macro Photos of Snowflakes in the Moments Before They Disappear”, by PetaPixel, the author of this collection is a Russian photo artist Andrew Osokin. Article mentions that snowflakes are only one of Osokin’s artistic fixations, with plenty more collections of highly magnified nature scenes like flowers & insects. This list however is about the world’s best captured images of snowflakes, and inarguably all of them are Osokin’s. Lucky for the fans of this list, Osokin had posted another sixteen pages of his photographs on a Russian nature enthusiast photo sharing site called LensArt, containing his full public gallery. Looking over his postings, I find that he doesn’t only take very creative stills, Osokin also gives them pretty awesome titles. Many of these flakes bare names like the UFO, Deep Blue Sea, Late Storm, to the point, they are all very modernly & appropriately branded. Enjoy the read.

#6 Surreal

Here captured is the world as it happens everyday, while it takes a very special look to remind people of the beauty in the simplest things. It’s hard to believe that this is a completely natural design. Also proving that nature is capable of incredible fashion. From some Russian I learned in school, it looks like this one is titled “With The New Year To You !!!”.





#5 Like DNA

This one has more body & collaborates the fact that no two are the same.

Like DNA



#4 The Glass Leaf

This flake looks like a glassy plant structure. Click image to view in full-size HD.

The Glass Leaf


 #3 The Hulk

As you can see, some flakes seem to take on color properties. That could be due to light reflections, or the coloration of the condensation that turned into snow. In this case it’s most likely light reflecting off a plant.

The Hulk


#2 Rose

I truly believe that this is one of the greatest photos on the internet today. Human eye isn’t usually able to capture the moment in which something comes so close to dissapearing. Click image to view in full-size HD.



#1 Moment

An astonishing catch of the perfect scene. The moment of truth when the flake is about to stop existing.




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