The Most Mesmerizing July 4th Pics

America celebrates it’s birthday, and the spirit of independence is all around us. Patriotic pictures make for great lists, and hopefully we won’t disappoint you. Pick and comment on your favorites, and voice your choice using our comment section on the bottom of the page. And if the whole page happens to be your favorite, well then it would be great to have you represent using the social media options under the article. Enjoy!

#5 Hands Up

If the Statue of Liberty took a sip for the States, then shouldn’t we all? Warning: AA members are encouraged to sip on non alcoholic beverages.

Hands Up


#4 The Promised Land Treat

When the Pilgrims arrived at the new land, they couldn’t originally imagine this symbol. Today – red, white, and blue represent what they have discovered.

The Promised Land Treat


#3 The Fire Flag

The intent of this image speaks for itself. No further explanation required.

The Fire Flag



#2 The Real Beauty

No Photoshop was required to capture this picturesque moment. Click on the image to view it in True HD.

The Real Beauty


#1 The Heights Of Capitol

It’s logical to think that the best celebration of the 4th would take place at the nation’s capitol. Luckily we have a photo from the previous years for you to judge that statement for yourself. Click image to view in True HD.

Heights Of Capitol


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