Top 10 Incredible Futuristic Cities

This list shows off the architectural aspirations for the future. From the actual concept drafts, to existing under-construction builds, to the cinematic visions. Enjoy this list in biggie-size with ten completely unique, hand picked items. Like with any architectural concept list, the first place goes to the most visionary draft. Use this list to build on your own friendships by sharing it with your family and friends..

#10 Moon Heat

This city looks limitless and the moon adds a distinctive homely feeling.

Big Moon City


#9 The Round City

This city is filled with circular shapes. Maybe it represents the circle of life in the future.

The Round City


#8 Space Lanes

And not a single flying car accident.

Flying Car City


#7 From Tokyo With Future

This futuristic Tokyo looks like a city anyone would love.

Future Paris


#6 Mushroom City

This image looks like a window into the future beyond our comprehension. With nice boats.Mushroom City Source

#5 Sim City Block

These images are based on the idea of making a sole island out of a an amazing city block. City Block

City Block 2 Source

#4 Game City

According to the source, the following city will be featured in the upcoming Deus Ex 3 video game. City level layers city look surreal. Game City


#3 The New Fransisco

According to the source, this is an actual ten thousand dollar prize winning concept of The San Fransisco in 2018 by the IwamotoScott Architects.

Future San Fransisco

Future San Fransisco


#2 Next Year Future

This concept bridge is already under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It’s scheduled to be completed in 2012. This bridge is said to cost around two and a half billion dollars, made up of 12 traffic lanes, and able to process 20,000 cars an hour.

Dubai Bridge


#1 Internal Life

The first place goes to the most visionary metropolis, located inside a building-like structure.

Internal Life


9 Responses to “Top 10 Incredible Futuristic Cities”

  1. 劈腿 says:

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  2. cynthus says:

    My future.

    I will help build that. Haha.

    Really great site, I enjoyed this article a lot.

  3. Ninja says:

    1st Place is inside a “habitat ring” – typically a large, circular space-station.

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      If the Earth resources will eventually be depleted, something like this could be vital for the continuity of the human race. Imagine thousands of these floating around in the middle of some foreign galaxy. Thanx for the info Ninja.

  4. The 7th one actually is Tokyo, not Paris.

  5. David says:

    San Francisco? Fascinating but would never occur, the aesthetics would never work in this city by the bay.

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      Maybe not until nano tech. is perfected. Then cities could be printed like letters, and reprinted if something doesn’t work. I imagine there will be SF 2, SF 3 and so on.

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