Top 10 Most Amazing Aerial Views

One of the best perks of digital reporting is the ability to change the way people look at the world around them. Almost every Internet surfer has surely come across some incredible photos of the earth from the top. However, with this article, my goal is to introduce you to a group of the best of these images, so that you can see the gravity of the given topic. Sometimes the best way to present something is by showing it among it’s contenders, that way people know that this isn’t a one-hit-wonder. If you love this read, then you undoubtedly are a fan of aerial photography, this article only further asserts this fact, or introduced you to something good. If this isn’t your cup of tea, there are hundreds of other soul salads across this website, and I’m sure there is something for everyone.

It really is true that everything looks perfect from high above. All the little and big flaws disappear with the altitude, and often only the pure perfection remains. Hot air. While witnessing these profound moments, some chose to capture it. That’s where I come in, being the writer of this article, it’s my honest and best estimation that the following class of images are world’s best aerial shots to date. I have searched the vast corners of our information superhighway to find and present only such images that can grasp attention, and excite all the senses. Enjoy the read.


#10 Country Star

This is a perfect example of a place that doesn’t need the help of urbanization. I think the world needs to preserve pure places like this. Hopefully, this picture can help prove my point. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Country Star


#9 H20using

According to travel, these are the “Best Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti”. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.



#8 Hooked

There is something very liberating about this image. A single boat in the presumably vastly endless water space. Hands down world class photography. Hooked yet? Click image to view in Full-Size HD.




#7 Water Cooler

This here is an artificial island off Dubai, UAE. Combination of circular city engineering by the water proves to be one of the greatest sights. The design is almost godly. It’s one thing to make crop circles with a rope, this is on a completely different level. The magnitude of this design along with a great image make it an easy fit to this list. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Water Cooler


#6 Air Twist

This, of course is an aerial view, but it emphasizes the aerial device more than the ground. 99.9% of all aerial views are about what’s below instead of what’s on top, which makes this a worthy twist. Nat. Geo. likes to show the hardest to find. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Air Twist



#5 Big Hearts

After all, human heart shape is a natural design. This however, was most likely made with the intervention of men. That doesn’t render this view any less magnificent.

Big Heart



Where there is one, there is always another. After all, it takes two hearts to make the difference. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Big Hearts 2


#4 Round Village

According to the source, this is the Moshav village in Israel. One of the greatest spectacles in the world. I’m noticing a pattern of circular city shapes looking amazing from the great heights.

Round Village


#3 Big Apple Big Picture

Height, like time erases traces of any imperfection. The city is perfectly married with the sky, the sun, clouds, & space. Here New-York truly looks like Utopia. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Big Apple Big Picture


#2 Desert Mirage

This is an irrigation system in Jordan. Real water and grass in the middle of a desert. Really amazing. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Desert Mirage


#1 Fruit Punch Fields

Test your aerial enthusiasm. If the first time you saw this photo left you speechless, you’re a sucker for aerial photography. This is a completely real photo of a commercial flower bulb cultivation farm, taken by Michael Laefsky. It looks unreal, hence it’s rightful inclusion to the number one spot. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Fruit Punch Fields



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