Top 5 Most Imaginative Cautionary Earth Photos

Happy Earth Day! This is not a list of different, beautiful space wallpaper shots of the Earth. This is the cautionary commemorative look, with each item representing unique dangers we all face as a human civilization. Nobody guarantees earth any large amount of time, so that makes it every person’s responsibility to take care of the only environment we are born into. Having good elements is not a constant given, it’s a temporary privilege.

#5 The Sweet Irony

The dust on the car is probably made out of the fossilized air pollution.

Happy Earth Day



#4 Our Prison

The prison is definitely there, the only question is how to break out… Click on the image to view it the way artist intended it to be seen.

Our Prison



#3 Powered

It’s arguable that we are the highest powered object in the galaxy. Technically it’s the Sun, but there is no cap on human capability. With enough estimated value, we can eventually produce objects even more powerful. Or the bulb can just break.



#2 Dead Fragment

One of the best cautionary images. Also meant to be seen in full HD, turn on by clicking on the photo.

Dead Fragment


#1 Eggxcellent Symbolism

Ok, I might be the first to admit that the title is a bit corny. As long as we always laugh at this photo, it really doesn’t matter.




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