Top 5 Photos Of World’s Scariest Bunny

Hold the printers. I was in the middle of an average list about the IQ statuses of famous people when I heard the most unusual story about a bunny named Ralph. As with many things we talk about here, some stuff is better left to the photo section of the article. Today Ralph is known as the world’s largest bunny. According to the Huffington Post headline, this creature weighs 55 lbs, & eats about $90 in food weekly… If this animal doesn’t give you at least some nightmares, then you’ve got a strong stomach, & should probably think about getting a job with CSI, or something. Welcome to the bunny zone. What you will now see might be a bit shocking, as I’ve previously stated.

#5 Keeps Eating…

Bunnies produce waste in pellets. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ralph made bricks that could harness Cold Fusion.

Keeps Eating



#4 Face Time

Ralph has the jaws of a large dog.

Face Time



This article is about the largest bunny named Ralph. However, he isn’t the only contender. One huge bunny face worth mentioning here is Darius. The explanation for his inclusion to this list lies in the following photo.




#3 Tiny

If Ralph was my bunny, I would name him Tiny. Thankfully, he isn’t mine. But this picture is, engraved into my memory. And now you too. Sharing is caring.




 #2 Baby Photo

Aww, Ralphie was once a small baby.

Baby Photo



#1 What Up Doc

The only thing the doc, or the vet would say to this bunny is that he has to hop on the world’s largest hamster wheel. Cholesterol is a killer.

What Up Doc



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  1. Leah says:

    Great article. Idk they could get so big. Btw, great blog me n my boyfriend like reading you at work. Don’t tell my boss lol.

  2. Anne says:

    Awe, I want one too! Ralph is such a cutie.

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    Many thanks for posting “Top 5 Photos Of World

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